durabolin side effects

The drug durabolin side effects for the prevention of pregnancy. If a woman wants to terminate the application of the drug to get pregnant, it is recommended to wait for the conception of the restoration of the natural cycle, as this will help to calculate the date of conception and childbirth.


Use of the drug  during pregnancy is contraindicated. In case of pregnancy the ring should be removed. Extensive epidemiological studies have revealed no increased risk of birth defects in children born to women taking COCs before pregnancy, and teratogenic effects in cases where women have taken COCs in early pregnancy, not knowing about it. Although this applies to all COCs, it is unknown whether this also applies  . A clinical trial in a small group of women found that, despite the fact  inserted into the vagina, the concentration of the contraceptive in the uterus of sex hormones in the application preparation  are similar to those when using HEC. The outcome of pregnancy in women who during clinical studies have not been described.

Period breastfeeding

Use of the drug NuvaRing ® in the breastfeeding period is not shown. The composition of the drug can interfere with lactation, reduce the amount and change the composition of breast milk. Small amounts of contraceptive hormones and / or metabolites thereof can be excreted with the milk, but the evidence of their negative impact on the health of children received.

Dosing and Administration

In order to achieve the contraceptive effect  must be used according to instructions.

A woman can independently enter durabolin side effects the vaginal ring durabolin side effects in the vagina.

The physician should inform the woman, how to enter and to remove the vaginal ring . For the introduction of a ring the woman should choose a comfortable position, such as standing up, lifting one leg, squatting, or lying down. Vaginal ring should compress and inserted into the vagina to a comfortable position of the ring. The exact position of the ring inside the vagina is not critical for the contraceptive effect (Fig. 1-4).

After the introduction (see. “How to start using the product  ») ring must be in the vagina continuously for 3 weeks. Woman advisable to regularly check whether it remains in the vagina. If the ring is accidentally deleted, you must follow the instructions under “What to do if the ring was temporarily removed from the vagina.”

Vaginal ring must be removed after 3 weeks on the same day of the week, when the ring was introduced into the vagina. After a week break, a new ring is introduced (for example, if the vaginal ring NuvaRing ® was installed on Wednesday at about 22.00, then it must be removed on Wednesday 3 weeks later at about 22.00. The new ring is introduced next Wednesday). To remove the ring, it is necessary to pick up the index finger or compress the index and middle finger and pull out of the vagina (Fig. 5). The used durabolin side effects ring should be placed in a bag (to keep out of the reach of children and pets) and discarded. Bleeding associated with the termination of the drug  , usually starts 2-3 days after removal of the vaginal ring  and can not completely stop until the moment when it is established a new ring.

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